1. You want to know how to manually allocate WINZ payments to specific venues.

This document assumes you know the following:


When uploading a WINZ Statement, Enrolmy will automatically suggest to the child that the WINZ Payment should be allocated too. Enrolmy will look for a child name from your Customers Tab, that is similar to the name provided on the WINZ Statement. When uploading your WINZ Statement, we advise that you run your eye over Enrolmy's suggested matches before saving and finalizing your WINZ Statement. You should also choose which activity your WINZ Payment should be lodged against here too. Read how to allocate WINZ Payments below.

How To Allocate WINZ Payments

1. Within the subsidies section of your Enrolmy account, upload your WINZ Statement

2. You can allocate what child, and what activity the WINZ payment should be lodged against

3. Save and finalise the form. 

4. Head to the highlighted activity to generate WINZ Credit Notes.

5. You will need to generate your WINZ Credit Notes. If you are not sure how to activate this in your Enrolmy Account then please see here.

If by any chance you receive a WINZ password protected word statement, you will need to:

  1. Either request a pdf copy from WINZ

  2. Or manually enter the data from each statement into Enrolmy

Awesome! You can go ahead and allocate your WINZ credit notes!