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Managing Prepayments in Xero


  1. You are taking Prepayments for your Before and After School Care

  2. You are invoicing in arrears for your Before and After School Care

  3. You have intergrated Enrolmy with your Xero account

This document assumes the following:

How to Manage Prepayments Paid via Bank Transfer

  1. Customers pay for the requested prepayment amount via a bank transfer.

  2. You will need to reconcile the customer’s payment by saving it as a Prepayment in Xero

  3. Apply the customer’s prepayments 
to their invoices 
in Xero.

  4. Undergo a Xero sync to ensure that invoices are matching inside Xero & Enrolmy.

  5. Email the customers their statements.

Please note: Only prepayments that have been applied to invoices will sync from Xero back to Enrolmy.

How to Manage Prepayments Paid via Credit/Debit Card

  1. Customers pay for their booking prior to using your service via credit/debit card during the booking process or upon receiving a prepayment request

  2. This creates a prepayment within Enrolmy which will automatically be applied to invoices when they are generated. You can view within the Money Tab under prepayments and see how much of the prepayment has been allocated to invoices:

Prepayments paid via credit/debit card are treated the same way as a payment received against an invoice paid via credit/debit card. Therefore the same application of using the Credit Card Suspense account applies.

So that Enrolmy can sync Prepayments made by credit/debit card into Xero, a new account code needs to be created. This will be created as a bank account only which serves as a place for these payments to be tracked within Xero. It will look like the below:

Please see here how the Stripe Bank Feed works: Stripe Transactional Bank Account in Xero

Awesome! You now know how to handle Prepayments in Xero

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