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New Feature ~ Credit Visibility For Your Customers

What’s new?

🚀 It is now possible for your customers to see their credit balance! 🚀

You can choose to activate this feature within your Enrolmy Account Settings and the family’s Credit Balance will display in two places for your customers.

  1. In the Enrolmy Cart when an invoice has been added to the cart 🛒

  2. At the bottom of emailed Enrolmy Activity Statements and Outstanding Statements 💻

What does this mean for you? 

Parent Portal - Cart Section

Once activated, the Credit Balance will appear inside the Parent Portal when a parent chooses to pay for their activities.

  • The credit balance only displays if the activity is NOT a credit-card-payment only activity.

Emailed Activity/Outstanding Statements

Once you have enabled the credit balance feature, anytime you send a statement to a parent, their credit balance will display at the bottom of the email.

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