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Time Sheet Summary Report Explained


  1. You want to learn how to reconcile your daily timesheets within the Roster.

  2. You want to understand the Summary Report on the daily Timesheet.

Summary Report Benefits

  • See an automatically calculated summary of key staff scheduling information for a specific day.

  • Use this data to identify staff rostering trends for activities and even use these patterns to forecast staff scheduling needs.

Summary Report Features

Understand how the Summary Report on the Daily Time Sheet Reconciliation works.

  • The Summary Report can be found at the bottom of every Daily Time Sheet that is being reconciled.

  • You will see the summary report calculated, even before the time sheet is saved and finalised.




Total Staff

The total number of staff scheduled for this activity today.

Total Shifts

The total number of shifts scheduled for this activity today. This sum may differ from Total Staff, for example, one staff member may work a before-care shift and an aftercare shift. Therefore one staff member worked two shifts within this activity today.

Total Scheduled Hours

The total number of hours that administrators scheduled to work within this activity today.

Total Approved Hours

The sum of approved hours for all shifts within the activity today. This will factor in Unpaid Breaks and/or Absence time reductions against shifts. As well as any custom time extensions or approved early/late clock in/outs.

Total Difference

The sum of hours between Total Scheduled hours and Total approved hours. A difference may be caused by the calculation of Unpaid Breaks being added to shifts, absences reducing the Total Approved hours for the day, or staff clocking in early or late for their shift.

Awesome! You now understand time sheets!

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