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Funding Your Organisation's Stripe Account


  1. You have a customer who paid for their activity on Enrolmy by credit/debit card payment that needs to be refunded but the amount is higher than your organisation’s Stripe account current balance

This document assumes the following:

How To Fund Your Organisation’s Stripe Account

In some cases, we may need you to transfer money into your organisation’s Stripe account before we can process the refund back to your customer’s credit/debit card.

Enrolmy Support will contact you with instructions if such a case occurs. This includes but is not limited to:

  1. Enrolmy Support will send you the information from Stripe with the bank details. This includes:

    1. The total amount you need to transfer

    2. Beneficiary name and address

    3. Bank account number

    4. Bank name

    5. Reference

  2. When making the transfer, please ensure all details are correct and include the specific reference we provided you.

  3. Send a screenshot or proof of payment to Enrolmy Support.

Please note

  • This process can take up to 20 working days to trigger the refunds requested, you can however, choose to complete the refunds via bank transfer instead.

  • Excluding the reference and avoiding to send through proof of transfer can delay the process significantly.

Great! You now know how to fund your Stripe account should you be requested to!

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