1. Credit card payments are syncing into your main Xero transactional account

  2. Credit card prepayments are syncing into your main Xero transactional account

This document assumes you know the following:

  • You have an active Xero account connected to Enrolmy

  • You are a proficient Xero user

  • You are a proficient Enrolmy user

When completing your Chart of Accounts in Xero Integration, we suggest the account code EMY-CCSUSS for all credit card payments. Find more information here.

How to Remedy if the Incorrect Account Has been Selected

To be completed in Xero:

  1. In Xero, open up the Bank Reconciliation for the account the Credit Card payments have been syncing to:

  2. Head to Account Transactions:

  3. In Account Transactions select Filter → Status → Unreconciled to find the credit card payments or credit card prepayments. They will show as unreconciled:

  4. Select the transactions and Remove and Redo:

  • You can do this for all transactions at one time.

  • The Credit Card payment or prepayment will now be removed from the account transactions list.

To be completed in Enrolmy:

  1. Head to Enrolmy and complete a Xero Sync.

  2. Head to the Money tab:

  3. You will see a Red Banner at the top of the screen that looks like the below:

  4. From here, follow the steps outlined in this help guide:

Awesome! You now know how to remedy Credit Crad transactions in the wrong account

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