1. You want to know how to send texts from Enrolmy to parents.

  2. You want to know how parents can begin to receive text messages from you.

This document assumes the following:

How Parents Opt-In To Recieve Text Message

Parents must opt-in to receive text messages from you. This can be done when the booking is first made, when editing a booking, or when booking into a new activity.

1. Promote your activities

2. Before the parent completes their booking with you, they will be asked if they would like to recieve text message from you. Read here to see what texts message are able to be sent to parents.

How Staff Opt-In Parents To Recieve Text Messages

According to Enrolmy's SMS Regulations, staff can only opt parents in to recieve SMS notifications with prior approval from the parent/primary caregiver.

1. Within the Customers tab, search for the parent/student name and edit their enrolment form. 

2. Select the tickbox that says "Customer has opted in to receive SMS Messages"

How To Sent Text Messages To Parents

1. Within your activity, All Attendees tab, use the tickbox to multi-select the contacts to whom you wish to send SMS notifications too. 

2. Select Mobile

3. The Send Text Message pop up will appear and enable you to write your text. 

4. Select Send Text Message to send an SMS notification to selected contacts


5. Text message confirmation notifications will appear to confirm you have successfully created and texted parents/primary caregivers.

Awesome! Now you know how to send text messages to parents. Read how to view sent text messages here.