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Ways To Manage Future Booking Changes


  1. You need to make a change to a booking for a date in the future

    1. Add a new session in the future.

    2. Remove a session in the future.

    3. Move a session in the future on or off the waitlist

This document assumes the following:

  • You run a before or after school care activity type or a holiday programme activity type

3 Areas To Change A Future Booking

When managing a before/after-school care activity or a holiday program activity, there are multiple ways to change a future booking. To determine the best method for your scenario, refer to the resources provided below.

1. Attendance Section

The attendance section is best to use when…

  • You want to find out who is booked in/absent on a day.

  • You want to update multiple attendee bookings.

  • You want to reconcile attendance for the day.

Learn more about attendance processes below:

2. Editing Booking Calendar

It is best to edit an individual’s booking through the booking calendar when…

  • You need to make permanent changes to their booking. For example, if a child is booked into afterschool care every Tuesday and Wednesday for the term but from Week 3 onwards will only attend on Wednesdays. Then the booking calender is the fastest method to make permanent future bookings changes.

Learn more about editing bookings via the calendar below:

3. Single Child Attendance List View

This list view makes it easier to see and edit all the attendee’s upcoming sessions and is best to use when…

  • You want to make a one-off change to their booking, quickly. The ability to add or remove sessions can be done with a click.

  • You want to add/remove this attendee from the waitlist for certain days without changing their usual permanent booking overall.

Learn more about the single child attendance list view below:

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