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Enrolmy Customer Accounts Explained


  1. You would like to understand an Enrolmy Customer Account and what you can achieve in this area

This document assumes the following:

  • You are a new Enrolmy user

Enrolmy Customer Accounts Overview

Under the Customers tab, within each sub-tab, there is an overview of all Enrolmy accounts within your database. These include caregivers, students and staff.



First Name and Last Name

This identifies the names of the customers within your Enrolmy database. Included in this area are flags if associated with accounts.


The group defines the category of the account i.e. parent or student. There are additional identifiers seen here:

  1. Yellow star → represents the primary caregiver

  2. WINZ bubble → represents families receiving WINZ subsidies


Venues associated with that customer.


Contact information associated with your customers.


Statuses of the accounts within your database.

Action Cog

When selected, a few functionalities are available such as viewing that account, editing that account, archiving that account or setting flags against the account.

Drop down arrow

When selected, allows you to see which accounts are associated with one another.

Enrolmy Customer Account Explained



Family Details

This area entails important information such as:

  • Guardians → primary and secondary caregivers

  • Students

  • Emergency Contacts

  • Family Doctor

Details of account selected

Once you have selected either a guardian or a student, you can then view further finer details associated with that account that has been inputted into the safety form.

A history of each account is recorded in order to track modifications.


Any notes that have been added to this account will appear here.


If any invoices have been generated for this account, they will be listed here.


Any activities that this account has been booked into including concluded, current and future activities.


If this account is receiving WINZ subsidies, a summary is available here.

Additional Functionalities

Add note

You can add a note against this account.

Print Safety Form

You can print off a hard copy of the safety form for this account.


You can edit the information within this account.

Set Flags

You can apply an identifier against the account.

Add to Blacklist

You can add this account to the blacklist if needed.

View in Xero

This is a quick link to view this account within your Xero account.

NOTE Only applicable if intergrated with Xero.

Awesome! You now know a bit more about your Enrolmy accounts.

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