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How To Manage Incomplete Safety Forms


  1. You want to ensure 100% completion of Safety forms

  2. You want to understand the Safety Form reminder process to parents

This document assumes the following:

  • You have the knowledge of what Safety form questions you as a provider require in order to take activity bookings

  • You have set up your Safety form settings using the core and custom questions

How Providers Can Manage Their Incomplete Safety Forms

Many providers require 100% completion of their Safety Forms. Here are a few ways to manage the completion of Safety Forms:

1. Safety Form Completion Before Payment

It is possible to make it mandatory that the safety form is completed before the booking is finalized. For more information on this:

2. Enrolmy’s Automated Email Reminders

Enrolmy sends automated Safety form reminders to parents who have not completed their Safety Form if the respective activity booking settings have been enabled. The parents will receive an unlimited number of reminders unless the Safety Form has been completed.

  • To disable the automated emails being sent to the parents, you have to select NO in the setting:

Click here to see the parent view of a Safety Form Reminder.

How To Manually Check Safety Form Completion

Using the Check Safety Form completion functionality:

  1. Head to All attendees OR Incomplete Enrolment OR Bookings Tabs under the respective activity section

  2. Choose the attendees you would like to check the Safety Form completion.

  3. Tap +More

  4. Tap Check Safety Form completion

  5. It will then display the complete and incomplete information

Great! You now understand how to manage Incomplete Safety Forms!

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