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How To Set Up Sessions


  1. You are a Holiday Programme or Before and After School Activity provider

  2. You are planning your next term activities

  3. You would like to understand how to set up your sessions correctly before taking bookings

This document assumes the following:

This Help Guide explains:

  • The considerations behind Session creation in Session Settings

  • The considerations behind Session creation in Activities

Session Creation in Settings

  1. Please head to big plus sign ( + ) → Settings → Session Pricing

Here you will be able to view all the Active and Archived Session Pricing templates. You can use the following functionalities: Search, Filter and Archive

2. Select Add Another Session

You will be required to enter the following:

Required information


Can be changed after bookings have been taken?

Activity Type


Session Name



Please set up in the Session Categories Settings

Please remember to add any new Session Categores in the Xero Setup section!


Attendee Caps or Limit

Please note that the Attendance Caps work in connection with the Waiting List setting within each activity Booking Settings:

Please see the below help guides for further details:

Waitlist Email Notifications - Attendance to Waitlist

Waitlist Email Notifications - Waitlist to Attendance


Start and Finish Time


Session Price


Casual Rate

Only if you allow casual sessions in Before and After School activity type and have disabled the “This is a Recurring or Regular Session Only” setting. Please see this help guide for more details: Recurring and Casual Bookings


This is a Recurring or Regular Session Only

For Before and After School activities only. If this setting is disabled, it will allow the Casual Rate to be entered. Please see this help guide for more details: Recurring and Casual Bookings


Full week only

If enabled, you will see a letter F showing next to the session name

Please enable this setting if your customers must book into every available session during the week. Please see this help guide for more details: How To Setup Full Week Sessions


Session Icon

Will display next to the session name in the Booking Calendar. This is not mandatory.


Session Coordination

You will have to choose Session Coordination Settings for Overlapping Sessions.


Linked Sessions

These two sessions will be paired together so that when a customer selects this session the alternative session will be selected automatically. Please refer to this help guide for further details: How to Setup Linked Activity Sessions


Xero Tracking Category (if your Enrolmy account is integrated with Xero)


  1. In this drop down in the Session Template: please choose a Xero Tracking Category that describes ONLY the Activity Type, for example: “Aftercare, Beforecare, HP”.

  2. Please choose a Xero Tracking category that describes the venue under the Enrolmy Setting section “Venues” ( + → Settings → Activity Settings → Venues).

  3. Please refer to this help guide for further details: How To Setup Xero Branch & Department Codes in Enrolmy


Session Creation in Activity Settings

All Sessions

Please note that you have the ability to create new Session Templates within the Activity Settings. This session will flow to the list of active sessions in the Session Pricing in Settings and you will be able to use it for future activities.

Please consider session setup in Activity Setting only if you do not require:

  • an icon for the session

  • this session is to be linked with any other session

  • this session to have Xero tracking assigned to it

If you are Xero user, we do not advise creating sessions within Activity Settings.

Off-Site Trip Day Session

If you choose to create an Off-Site Trip session in your Activity, it will automatically select an Independent Session Coordination setting for this session.

Please refer to this help guide for further details: Creating a Trip Day for Holiday Programmes

Van Pick-Up Sessions

When setting up a van pick-up session, you need to select INDEPENDENT session coordination so that it works independently against all your other sessions.

Changes in Settings

Please refer to this help guide to understand Considerations For Changes In Session Settings.

Congratulations! You now understand Session Setup!

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