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How To Setup Promo Codes


  1. You are a provider wanting to enable the use of the promo code feature on Enrolmy

  2. You want to setup a promo code for customers to utilise

  3. You want to activate the promo codes ability for certain activities

This document assumes the following:

Guide Overview:

In this help guide you will find the following sections covered;

  1. How Enrolmy Discounts Work Together

  2. How to Setup a Promo Code 

  3. How to Enable Promo Codes Within an Activity 

  4. How to Use Promo Codes as a Direct Discount 

How Enrolmy Discounts Work Together

When the promo code discount is used, any other discounts set up in the activity or against the customer will also be applied at the time of booking. Please see the other discount types available to you;

How to Setup a Promo Code 

1. Within your organisation Settings, select Promo Codes 

2. Click + Add New Promo Code to create an actual discount code

3. To create a promotional code, the following details needs to be completed;

  • Promo Code Field - This is the actual discount code to be used by the customer during their booking process.

  • Description Field- This is a description of the discount that will also be visible to the customer.

  • Activity Type Field -  Restrict the use of this discount code for specific activity types only.

  • Discount Field - Define the discount amount in either:

    • Amount

    • Percentage value

    • No discount

  • Reusability Field - Define how often you want to allow parents to utilise this discount code. Please refer to this help guide to understand this field.

  • Expire This Discount On Field - Choose a date that the promo code will expire.

  • Promo code usage - Choose how many times this promo code can be used before it becomes invalid

  • Direct Discount - If a customer uses this promo code, do you want this discount to apply to multiple children in their family or other future bookings they make? If so, then select ON - Attach This Discount Permanently As A Direct Discount.

  • Visibility Field - This is how you activate the promo code voucher.

4. Select Save Voucher and move on to the next step in the setup process.

How to Enable Promo Codes Within an Activity

During the promo codes setup phase, you had to decide what activity type you want to enable this promo code against. Now you will have to activate the specific activities that you want to offer the discount against. 

1. Head to your chosen activity and select edit activity.

2. Scroll to the Discounts Section

3. Select the tick box to allow for promo codes to be used for this activity.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the activity form and select Save Changes 

How To Use Promo Codes As A Direct Discount 

Promo codes can be used to create Direct Discounts for customers. These discounts will be permanently attached just like Direct Discounts after the customer first uses the Promo Code.

Please refer to this help guide if you would like to learn How to View Promo Code Discounts Used by Customers 

Awesome! Now you know how to setup promo codes!

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