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Staff Roster Overview


  1. You want to know what the Roster is

  2. You want to learn the Rostering Process.

What Is The Roster

The Enrolmy Roster gives kids activity providers the power to manage their activities and staff rostering all in one place.

Enrolmy Roster features and benefits

  • See if your staff ratio is in or out with the roster health metrics for each activity.

  • Create rosters for activities weeks in advance, in just a few clicks.

  • Get the ability to bulk email the roster and individual staff shifts.

  • Capture staff clock in and out times onsite, digitally using the Sign In Kiosk app.

  • Reconcile timesheets faster, with staff clock in and out times automatically uploaded to the roster for you.

  • Quickly approve timesheets for payroll.

Roster Setup Process Overview

Roster Setup Process

  1. Activate the Roster for your organisation. See how to switch on the Roster Add-On here.

  2. Connect your activities to the Roster. Review that process here.

  3. Create tags within your Roster. Learn about what tags are, why they are important and how to do that here.

  4. Assign tags to staff. See how to assign tags to staff here.

  5. Assign tags to venues. Review this here.

  6. Create a Roster Template. See how to create roster templates here.

  7. Apply a Roster Template to an activity. Review that process here.

  8. Publish your Roster and communicate. See how to do that here.

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