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The Customers Tab Explained


  1. You would like to understand the Customers tab and the functionalities offered

This document assumes the following:

  • You are a new Enrolmy user

The Customers Tab

The following sub-tabs are available:



All accounts

All accounts tab shows all customers except those that have been archived.

Accounts with current bookings

An account that is associated with a current booking.

Dormant accounts

These are customers who have previously had a booking but have not made a new booking in a while. Accounts will automatically fall under this tab if the last activity they attended concluded a year ago. You can change the time frame to reflect 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or 12 months.

New accounts

A new account is one created by a parent within a specific set of days that provider has set up by going to Settings → App Settings → New Account Tag.

Inactive accounts

These are customers who have previously had a booking but have not made a new booking in a long while. Accounts will be marked as “Inactive” if the last activity they attended concluded over two years ago.

Placeholder accounts

A Placeholder account is one created by the provider, which the parent does not have access to unless invited.

Incomplete safety forms

Accounts who have incomplete safety forms.

Imported customers

Accounts whom have been imported into Enrolmy via a CSV document.

Direct discount customers

An account associated with a discount added to their account or promo code usage.

Blacklisted customers

An account that has been blacklisted due to unpaid invoices or merely just banned.

Archived customers

An account that has been archived from view by the provider.

Only attendees that have had bookings and/or attended an activity will show in Dormant Accounts and Inactive Accounts tabs. Parents will not be listed in the Dormant or Inactive tabs unless they have personally had a booking with an activity, for example an Adult class.

Functionalities Of The Customers Tab



Add Adult

You can add an adult to your Enrolmy database.

Quick Book

You can quick book an adult with a child to your Enrolmy database.

Invite to Book

Inviting your current customers to book into a specific activity.


You can easily email your entire Enrolmy database.

Print Safety Form

You can use this to print blank safety forms or print off completed safety forms.


You can tag a customers in order to filter your database more easily and efficiently.

Export to CSV

Should you need to export any important information, you can do so by exporting as a CSV.


By selecting the Invoice button, you will directed to create a manual invoice.


You can archive certain customers in order to clean up your Enrolmy database.


Use the search bar to find your customers easily.


You can filter your customer data based on your search needs.

Awesome! You now know what the Customer tab offers!

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