1. You would like to understand the Activities tab and functionalities offered

This document assumes the following:

  • You are a new Enrolmy user

The Activities Tab

The following sub-tabs are available

  1. All Activities

  2. Current Activities

  3. Future Activities 

  4. Concluded Activities

  5. Archived Activities

  6. Daily Attendance Reconciliation

  7. Full Attendance Report

Each Activity

Each Activity will have the type of the activity, name, venue, dates, number of registered attendees, and status displayed. You can publish your activity here too.

Other Features of the Activities Tab

You can:

  • Create a new activity

  • Search or filter the activities


The Actions column allows to:

  • View the Activity

  • Add attendee to Activity

Other Functionalities

Emailing Your Customers

Exporting data

Awesome! You now know what the Activities tab offers!

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