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What's Coming ~ New Reports and Insights Space

We’re excited to announce a new game changing space coming soon to your Enrolmy account 🚀

Introducing the Insights area!

Where you can find all your existing Enrolmy reports and new ones! No more makeshift spreadsheets and data scavenger hunts 🎉

Insights is designed to be all in one hub where you can find game changer reports to give you an overview of:

  • Booking targets

  • Attendance numbers

  • Cost and profitability insights

  • Staff expenses (in conjunction with the Roster tool)

  • And so much more!

We can’t wait to see you supercharge your activities and staffing with data informed decision making.

Glimpse into the New Reports

Insights will host all reports within Enrolmy going forward. Understand which reports will be fully accessible to everyone and which reports will require an add-on.

  • Core Reports: Available to all Enrolmy customers.

  • Advanced Reports: All Enrolmy customers can access a limited view, but you'll need an add-on to unlock their full power.

Insights and Reports


Full Attendance

Core Report

Target Vs Actual

Advanced Report

Cost and Profitability

Advanced Report

Daily Attendance Comparison

Core Report

Daily Signed-In Attendees

Advanced Report

Age Breakdown

Core Report

Accrued Revenue

Core Report

Merchandise Sales

Core Report

📈 Full Attendance Report

The Full Attendance Report, previously found within the Activities section, will soon be relocated to Insights. This report will remain accessible to all activity providers and will be as functional and beneficial as ever, providing essential data on daily attendance for any activity.

Common uses for the Full Attendance Report include:

  • Comparing Attendance Across Sites and Venues: Utilise the multi-instance feature to compare attendance between different locations.

  • Reviewing Waiting List Numbers: Monitor waiting list numbers for various activities in advance, within the same instance or across multiple instances.

  • Checking Booked Capacity: Assess the booked capacity percentage of an activity ahead of time, allowing providers to contact waiting list families if there are available spaces.

🎯 Target Vs Actual Bookings

The Target Vs Actual Bookings Report has been designed to give you a clear overview of whether you are breaking even on each of your activities, based on the number of bookings required for each session. This report will be accessible to Advanced Report customers and will offer valuable insights such as:

  • Booking Targets: A view of the target number of bookings set for any activity and sessions across all instances and venues.

  • Booking Progress: The percentage of how close your booking numbers are to reaching your targets.

💰 Cost and Profitability

The Cost of Profitability report will give you an oversight of your activity, venue and staffing expenses and revenue! This has been developed for Advanced Report customers and displays valuable information like;

  • Staffing Expenses: When using the Roster feature on Enrolmy, you will be able to track the overall cost spent on staffing, total hours that staff have worked and more!

  • Booking Revenue: See the average booking revenue per attendee and the percentage of total revenue that relates to bookings.

  • Venue Expenses: Track your venue hire costs,

  • Overall Revenue: Track activity costs, attendance, payments, staff rostering expenses, and venue hire effortlessly. Marvel at your activity booking revenue while keeping an eye on staffing expenses and a comprehensive summary of venue costs. Unleash the full potential of your financial insights today!This report has been developed for Enterprise activity providers and will.

📊 Daily Attendance Comparison

The Daily Attendance Comparison Report will be the quickest way to compare attendance across all your Enrolmy instances and venues, making it particularly useful for franchised businesses. It will be accessible to all activity providers.

With this report, you can easily identify:

  • Booking and Attendance Trends: Track peaks and lows in booking and attendance throughout the term across all your venues and instances.

  • Weekly Attendance Totals: View the total number of children who attended programmes for the full week across all your venues and instances.

📲 Daily Signed-In Attendees

The Daily Signed In Attendees report will be accessible to Advanced Report customers and give real-time insights into how many kids are signed into programmes at any time of the day. This report has been designed to help providers make;

  • Data Driven Staffing Decisions: See how many kids are actually signing in to understand when kids are going home, see attendance trends and make effective rostering decisions.

📉 Age Breakdown

This highly requested report will be available to all providers and help you to identify the most popular age groups attending your programs. With this information;

  • You can plan more age-specific or developmentally appropriate activities, know which age groups and families to target for promotions and staff accordingly to meet age-specific needs.

💵 Accrued Revenue

The Accrued Revenue report will be accessible to all providers as usual and is the best way to view revenue generated daily and monthly. This report offers:

  • Financial Overview: See all approved invoices and approved credit notes in one place.

  • Daily and Monthly Revenue Insights: Easily generate snapshots in time of monthly revenue and even daily revenue.

👕 Merchandise Sales

The Merchandise Sales report will be accessible to all providers and will benefit those selling additional items. You will see:

  • Lists of Purchased Additional Items in one place: A clear overview of purchased materials, ideal for packing activity materials or merchandise and ensuring they reach the right recipients.

  • Popular Merchandise and Trend: Get insights into sales performance, helping identify popular items and trends.

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